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News & Announcements

Keep up to date with news and events happening at Plymouth-Trinity! For upcoming church and community events, please see the Calendar.

Mental Health Sunday

Amy Crawford has written about mental health for Mental Health Sunday:

"One of the key things I learned during this process is that we all have mental health. Mental health is about mental wellness. Mental health is about coping with the normal stresses of life, and being able to work productively and contribute to one’s community. At times my mental wellness might be good, and at other times I may struggle. My own mental health has varied drastically during this time of pandemic and all the uncertainties and restrictions that come with it."

You can find Worship Resources and a link to this piece here.

The Moderator's Easter Message

This year's Easter message is a unique take on the Easter story after Mary Magdelene's visit to the tomb. Eavesdrop on a conversation between Mary and the disciple Peter on what she saw, or didn't see.

Find it here!

Easter Sunday may have passed, but the celebration of Christ's resurrection continues. You can find Worship Resources here from the United Church of Canada...

Kairos Teaching and Sharing Circles

Created in 1997 by the Aboriginal Rights Coalition (ARC), a precursor to KAIROS, the Kairos Blanket Exercise (KBE) was intended to introduce Canadians to the major themes and findings of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples. ARC brought together Indigenous Elders and educators with allies who wanted to make sure that the Royal Commission and its recommendations were not shelved and forgotten. The KBE is built on the foundation of these long standing, collaborative initiatives and relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people to raise awareness of continuing injustices and impacts of colonization, and to promote further learning. For over almost 25 years, ARC and now KAIROS have guided the KBEs development with the leadership of Indigenous Elders and facilitators. The script has been updated numerous times to reflect current events, including most recently the final reports of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada and the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.

REGISTER TODAY: KBE Teaching & Sharing Circles
Summer Session begins May 18

Register today for a KBE Teaching & Sharing Circle – interactive, Zoom-based sessions that build positive relations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people through truth, sharing, and open dialogue. This summer, six public sessions will be offered, including:
• Tuesday, May 18 (7-9pm ET) -- Medicine Wheel Teachings (new topic!)
• Tuesday, June 1 (7-9pm ET) -- The Impacts of Residential Schools
• Tuesday, June 15 (7-9pm ET) -- Métis Teachings
• Monday, June 21 (7-9pm ET) -- We are All Treaty People (National Indigenous Day)
• Tuesday, June 29 (7-9pm ET) -- Social Injustice in the Court System
• Tuesday, July 20 (7-9pm ET) -- The Importance of Growing Gardens

The link is here

COVID-19: God is with us: We are not alone

We are called to be the Church…to love and serve others.

Discussion about COVID-19 is growing as confirmed cases of COVID-19 (coronavirus) continue to spread. As a church, we have prepared the Emergency Plan to help communities of faith plan ahead for contingencies that may or may not arise, realizing that planning ahead is a way to reduce anxiety.

We urge communities of faith to respond to COVID-19 with compassion, prevention, and prayer. You will find the complete statement here.

The United Church of Canada has also published Tips and resources for members and congregations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The moderator of the United Church has a very direct message for us all: God is with us. We are not alone.

In related news, as coronavirus outbreaks are reported around the globe, partners in China thank the United Church for continued prayers and support.

The joy of music

Looking for hymns to sooth the soul, or to celebrate your faith? Here is a list of links to hymns (en francais).

Encountering the Unknowable Mystery We Call God 

United Church of Canada General Secretary Nora Sanders writes about ways faith is interwoven with the natural world:

Walking the dogs early on a windy morning, I look up and see about twenty-five large birds gliding in big circles without moving their wings as they ride gracefully on the air currents. Such a beautiful sight.

On the ground, turkey vultures are far from beautiful..... Read the complete column here.

Call for nominations

The General Council Nominations Committee has launched a call for nominations for several vacancies.

People across the church are invited to express their interest, or nominate others who have the gifts to serve well in these leadership roles. The Nominations Committee welcomes hearing from anyone, and particularly encourages those from groups which have been traditionally marginalized in our church, including (but not limited to) youth and young adults, Indigenous and racialized members, those active in francophone ministry, and people who identify as disabled.

You can find United Church job and volunteer opportunities here. Check back regularly!

Items and belongings

In order to reduce clutter and confusion in the building and to ensure your belongings are returned to you (or at least are safe) please label all items you bring to church.

Lost and found: Have you misplaced something in the church? A Lost & Found box can be found in the church hall, right next to the elevator.

Bicycle Path

A reminder to please make sure your car does not cross the yellow lines outlining the bike path in the church parking lot.